Brawl Stars APK: Download Brawl Stars APK For Android, iOS & PC

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Brawl Stars APK

We have an amazing game “Brawl Stars” and we will guide you about How to Download Brawl Stars APK. People enjoy playing games on their smartphone and tablet and they are very fond of exploring more and more applications specially when it comes to game. So, are you a game lover too?

Brawl Stars APK

As you know, you can download lots of games from google play store without paying any cost, there is millions of games available at the play store. Everyday lots of games are uploaded at the play store in which some of them are released as the beta version. Download Brawl Stars APK on your smartphone and start exploring it’s features and functionalities.

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How to Download Brawl Stars APK

Now let us see How to Download Brawl Stars APK when it releases. The process is very easy, just follow the steps carefully.

  1. Download the Brawl Stars APK file.
  2. Install Brawl Stars game. Do not open the file.
  3. Download the .ZIP file of the game.
  4. Choose any folder of your phone and extract the .ZIP folder in it.
  5. A folder name com.subrawlstars, copy this to OBB folder.
  6. Open the game and enjoy.

These are the steps which you need to follow if you want to Download Brawl Stars APK on your smartphone. I am reminding you that the game is not yet launched officially so beware of those websites which are allowing you to download the game. It may have virus which may harm your system. Do not download the game from untrusted sites. You will be notified when the game will be launched officially.

About Brawl Stars APK

Brawl Stars APK is an android game which is developed by Supercell and currently Brawl Stars APK is not available at the play store. Many other famous games like clash of clans, clash royale has been developed by Supercell and now they have developed Brawl Stars. Currently the application is available only in Canada app store and people are downloading the beta version. Once it is tested by people in Canada, then it will be released publicly. So, for time being there is no source through which we can get an idea about its official release date.

Download Brawl Stars APK

Similar as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Brawl Stars is an action game. It is a multiplayer game which means you can enjoy the battle with your buddies. In brawl stars, you have to fight with your opponent and if you want to win the battle, you have to shoot your opposite player.

If you are still eager to see how you have to play the game in future, then you can watch a video on YouTube. A tournament video of Brawl Stars games is upload on YouTube in which the team who has developed the game is playing for testing purpose.

Modes in Brawl Stars Game

You can enjoy the game by playing it in four different modes. Let us see which modes are there.

  1. Bounty Mode: You need to collect the stars in bounty mode from the opponent’s team. The team having more stars will win the game so try to collect as many stars as possible.
  2. Smash and Grab Mode: Fight with your opponent by putting all your efforts and grab the crystals from them. In order to win the game, you need to collect 10 crystals as soon as possible.
  3. Heist Mode: In heist mode, you need to protect yourself from getting attacked.
  4. Showdown Mode: In this mode, all the players will shrink in arena. If you want to win the game you have to save yourself from shrinking till end.

There comes a time when you will be able to upgrade your brawlers and to do this you need to keep collecting coins, elixir and chips. Try to win as much as you can. There are two boards: local and regional boards. Be on top and prove that you are true Brawl Star to your opponents.

These are the 4 amazing modes in which you can enjoy the Brawl Stars game. Download Brawl Stars APK, the moment it hits the google play store. The size of the file will be about 100 MB and it will run only on Android OS 4.0 or more.

Suggest Brawl Stars APK to your friends and family members and play with all of them.

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