Samsung Odin Download: How to Use Samsung Odin?

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Samsung ODIN

If you happen to own a Samsung device, then you must be surely familiar with the Samsung ODIN Software. Samsung ODIN is a utility software developed by Samsung and its main use is to flash a Custom Recovery firmware image on a Samsung device. It was originally meant to be used internally only by Samsung, but some leaks handed the software to the general public. Samsung hasn’t officially released the software for the public.

Samsung ODIN Download

Samsung ODIN is very useful as it can detect your Samsung device and only when it is in Download mode. It is capable of flashing files which have the .tar or .tar.md5 extension. Furthermore, Samsung ODIN is only available for the Windows PC platform and not any other else. Though, it is possible to run ODIN on MacOS X with the help of Wineskin on the ODIN executable.

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Download Samsung ODIN

Samsung ODIN is a must if you wish to install Custom ROMs on your Samsung device or if you want to root it. It is a Windows based ROM Flashing tool and it can only be used for Samsung devices. This download section contains the tutorials on how to download the flashing tool and also how to use it.

The latest version of the ODIN flashing tool is the ODIN 3.12. The tutorials differ for different devices. So, the first thing you need to do is to find the correct tutorial for your device. This is necessary if you are doing the rooting process for the first time. You can download all the versions of Samsung ODIN software from the official link

Once you use the URL to reach the website, you will see a basic introduction of the app. Scroll down to access the download links of all the versions of the app. You can even get the one-click root software if you don’t have enough confidence to try out the Samsung ODIN flashing tool. You can simply use it to root your Samsung device with just a simple click.

How to Use Samsung ODIN?

The process of using Samsung ODIN to flash your device or install a Custom ROM is very easy and you will be able to complete the process in a short amount of time. Here are the steps in a brief manner to give you an idea about how to carry out the process.

  • Download the device driver software and install it on your PC.Samsung ODIN
  • You need to download the driver software necessary to flash the device on your PC. You can get it from this site: SamMobile.
  • Next step is to download the ODIN software and then extract it. Install it and open it in the administrator mode.
  • Boot your Samsung Device into the download mode by pressing the Volume Down key, Home key, and the Power Key all the same time and holding them for a few seconds. Once the device vibrates, release the Power button while holding the other two.
  • Connect your device to your PC. ODIN will automatically detect your device.
  • Click on PDA or AP and select the tar.md5 file that you have previously downloaded and extracted earlier. Press “Start”.

After completing these steps, let the flashing process go on and do not tamper with the device until it is over. Do not remove it or operate on it until the flashing has been completed. Otherwise, your device will brick and you will have to do the whole process again. You will be able to see the process on the screen. It will show “PASS” once the process is over and your device will be successfully flashed. We hope that this guide has been useful to you.

Samsung is one of the best smartphone and tablet manufactures in the world. Samsung devices are really easy to use and have very user friendly interface. One of the great things about Samsung is that the stock firmwares of almost every device are easily available. And the methods of flashing them are even easier with flashing tools available in every nook and corner of the internet.

Most of the Android devices have the stock Android version but Samsung has its own UI skin on top of the Android stock skin. Also, most of the Android devices have a Boot loader mode that has the options like Fastboot and Recovery all in an individual interface. Meanwhile Samsung devices are a bit different because you must use different key combinations to get it into the Recovery Mode.


Flashing a custom recovery or a CT kernel on your Samsung device comes with a little risk. If anything goes wrong, you won’t be able to restore your device with any normal way and you’d have to take it to a service center. But if you have Samsung ODIN with yourself, you will be able to recover your stock firmware and effectively patch up your device.

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